With our roots firmly in traditional Scottish music, we are delighted to be able to provide a full night of Ceilidh dancing.

We call all the dances before the music starts to given even the most experienced dancers and opportunity to brush up!  We’ll also fill the breaks in between dances with a few songs and tunes to give your dancers a rest.

The size of the ceilidh band is really up to you, we can provide anything from a 3 piece up to a 7 piece, or even bigger if you want to be creative!  The following dances are ones we usually do, but we are happy to learn any which you are especially fond of.

Couples Dances

Gay Gordons, Canadian Barn Dance, Free Waltz, St Bernards Waltz, Military Two Step.

Set Dances

Dashing White Sergent, Virginia Reel, Strip the Willow, Cumberland Square Eight, Eightsome Reel, Duke of Perth, Hamilton House.


Witchies Reel, Riverside Jig, Orcadian Strip the Willow, Circassian Circle.